Big Creek Memories

Submitted by Jack Kotaki (Idaho):

 2013.02.13 Kotaki Story2My wife, Renee, and I tried to take a couple of trips to Idaho each summer to enjoy the Idaho Back Country prior to retirement. We decided on one of our trips that we’d spend a night at the Big Creek Lodge. On the night we choose to stay at Big Creek, three intrepid hunters from out of state just came back from 10 days of elk hunting, self guided, and replenished only one time in the 10 days by air at Cabin Creek. Although 2 of them had packed themselves in on numerous hunting trips, this trip added a friend from Brazil meaning an extra person for the same number of horses. Due to the weight considerations, they opted to go with dehydrated food on this venture. This meant that dinner that evening was the first time in 10 days to eat anything other than dehydrated food or drink anything other than iodine tainted water. They limited themselves to one beer each for the entire evening, but made up by drinking water by the pitchers full and eating numerous plates of the hearty dinner. It seems as though there was an accident 5 days into their adventure that punctured all the coffee and lemonade packets they had to kill the iodine taste in the water.2013.02.13Kotaki Story1

Diann and her husband, tired from cooking all the food for the 5 of us, stayed up until maybe 11, but Renee and I listened to the threesome’s adventures until the wee hours of the morning. Diann came down to check on us about 12:30 and offered Renee and I a flashlight to get back to the duplex cabin, but after listening to all the stories, this city-slicker had to turn down the offer. After walking into the clothesline and starting up the hill on our way back to the cabin on this moonless night, Renee and I both wished that I had swallowed my pride and borrowed the flashlight.

This is only one of the many memories of the Big Creek Lodge for us. Each visit was a new experience, meeting new people, and having a wonderful time. Our grandkids were able to have breakfast at the Big Creek Lodge a few times before the fire and still talk fondly of the experiences.2013.02.13 Kotaki Story3