Big Creek Memories

Submitted by Bev Larkin (Idaho)

My first visit to Big Creek was when my folks built their cabin south about a mile from the landing strip. Hilda and "Swede" Hanson had lived on Monumental for a few years but decided to go to Big Creek and bought an acre from Napier Edwards. Being a Navy brat I had lived in Southern California most of my life but when I and my then husband, Bob Murphy, and our two girls, Tammy and Robin, came for a visit we were hooked and eventually bought an acre from Sandy McCrae and built our own cabin with help of Ray Larson and his sons and my Dad and Mom. We moved to Boise and the girls spent their summers with my folks. I can't imagine a better place for kids to grow up; no phones to speak of, no television, just wide open spaces and wonderful places to go explore. You could drive down Big Creek and go huckleberrying, fishing, and on wonderful picnics.
The lodge was run by Glen and Mary Harper at that time and the families of Big Creek would often be invited to the Lodge for wonderful pot luck dinners. Whenever Mary had a large number of customers and needed help with the cooking Gwen Larson and my Mom were more than willing to help out. It was a close knit group back then. The Forest Service was active in there at that time also, along with their families, and often would have cookouts there. Most of the Old Timers are gone now except Wilbur Wiles and I expect he will be around for a while yet.
Ah! the memories.