Big Creek Memories

Many summer visitors to Big Creek don't get to see it in the hush of winter, or the renewal spring brings.  Thanks to some winter and early spring visitors, you can see what things looked like in the last couple months. 

WINTER:  Here are some photos from a mid-February visit via Steve Burak's ski-equipped C180.  About 2.5 feet of snow covered the runway.  The lodge site area was covered in velvet-smooth snow.

 Ski Plane at Big Creek Feb 2013 webWinter Big Crk 2013 small


SPRING:  The good news is most Idaho airstrips are clear of snow already in mid-late April . . . which provides many options for springtime visits.  The bad news is the airstrips are open due to a low snowpack, which could lead to fires and a smoky summer in Idaho for those who love the outdoors.  This shot was taken by Bill Miller and Wally Glass when they checked out Big Creek on April 24th.  At that time, the runway was a bit damp but the south half was usable. 


                                                   2013.Late April. Bill Miller