Big Creek Memories

Submitted by Noel Roach

My first time in Big Creek was in the early eighties.  I had flown into Cabin Creek a few times and was tired of packing meat on my back when hunting so I decided to use my horse.  The next year I trailered to Big Creek and had someone take the truck and trailer back to Yellow Pine.  At the end of the season I rode from Cabin Creek to Big Creek Lodge where they let me stay overnight and put my horse up too; the next day I rode to Yellow Pine.  I did that for many years afterward, even bringing as many as four horses, and always staying one night at the lodge.  One time the lodge was closed on the way out and I had to sleep under the eves, out of the snow. 

I was very sorry to hear that it burned, as I really miss those days of riding out through the snow with Big Creek Lodge and the warm fire and a meal on my mind.  The look of the new lodge can never replace the old one; I'm thankful I got to experience the old one.