A NEW BREAKFAST EVENT is scheduled for Saturday Sept 9 (8:30 to 10:00-ish) at Big Creek! Enjoy a great meal and then take a look at the completed gorgeous fireplace by Chuck Mangun, and see the rest of the lodge coming together!2017.08.19 Finished Fireplace small



Due to fire activity and safety concerns for pilots it's been decided to postpone the Big Creek Lodge breakfast that was scheduled for Saturday, August 5th. It will be rescheduled 2017.07.27 Targhee Regulars Fire Crew at BC smallsometime in September.   During the last week of July, dead and downed trees were removed around the Big Creek Station and Big Creek Lodge in preparation for point protection efforts if needed for the Missouri Fire and now the Pueblo Fire.  The small material (branches, tops, etc.) was chipped and spread and the tree boles were bucked into manageable lengths. Here's the Targhee Regular Fire Crew that made it happen.





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Saturday, June 24th

Saturday, August 5th

Breakfasts will be held at the Lodge Site, and run from 8am-10am so people can depart when the winds are still normally light. Yes, the beer batter pancakes, ham and eggs will be served again with coffee and juice - all at your favorite Idaho destination. 

These events are for the public, and people arriving by road or airplane do so at their own risk.  Pilots should have an appropriate aircraft and should seek a professional instructor if they do not have mountain/canyon flying training, skills or experience.  Please communicate on 122.9 and be aware of other aircraft; the canyon can get busy with arrivals and departures during the breakfasts.