The Idaho Aviation Foundation (IAF) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation. Our mission is:

To benefit general aviation in Idaho by supporting initiatives and projects designed to maintain, upgrade and develop airstrips, improve access, and promote safety at backcountry and recreational airports.

The IAF’s goal is to maintain funds to allow generous financial assistance to initiatives in line with our mission. We will engage in doing whatever possible to regain aviation rights at previously closed airstrips. We support successful programs like local publications and media that aid and promote aviation in Idaho, and the IAF supports the maintenance, improvement and development of airport infrastructure and facilities. We are open to new and creative initiatives beneficial to pilots and the aviation facilities in the state.

Simply put, IAF is not a 'member' organization (unlike the member-driven Idaho Aviation Association)--it uses the 9-member Board and its general fund to further aviation's cause in Idaho.  In contrast, the IAA uses members and volunteers to further aviation's cause through airstrip work parties, training and other member-driven events.

Examples of recent successful programs fall into several categories.

Developing Potential Facilities

IAF strives to make more airstrips accessible to the public, and to create amenities to help people enjoy current airstrips more.

  • Work is in process to resurrect Big Creek Lodge located on a beautiful state maintained airstrip. It is a wilderness gateway and a beautiful breakfast and lodging stop that sadly burned down in 2008.
  • In 2011 the IAF funded the building of a shower and pavilion at the Garden Valley airstrip campground.

Improving Existing Facilities

Idaho has many wonderful recreational airstrips that provide camping, and outdoor activities. These strips are often trailheads to the wilderness and backcountry. The IAF helps to improve those existing facilities by maintaining or enhancing them. Some grants have gone to:

  • The Idaho Aviation Association to cover amenities such as picnic tables at a variety of state-maintained airstrips.
  • Assist in long-needed improvements at Chamberlain Basin and Cold Meadows airstrips.
  • Help support the Idaho Airstrip Network’s (IAN) Coordinator position, which links to various government agencies, outfitters and other backcountry/wilderness users.
  • Fund and contract for new fire pans at the Moose Creek Airstrip camping area.

Promoting Aviation through Safety, Education & Awareness

The IAF recognizes that Idaho has unique flying challenges and opportunities. To help pilots be safe and good stewards in the backcountry, the IAF supports ways to educate and promote the public use airstrips in Idaho, by supporting:

  • An annual contribution to the Idaho Aviation Association’s aviation scholarship fund.
  • The purchase of a professional grade display booth for IAA’s participation in trade and air shows, thereby promoting aviation to the public.
  • webcam/weather station at Sulphur Creek Ranch (ID74), providing aviation weather information and a view of the runway approach.
  • Two more webcam systems have been installed at Mackay Bar (ID28), one looking north and one looking west. The service is available year-round.
  • Research expenses for a new edition of the Fly Idaho! pilot reference book. This book was initially released in 1991. Many things have changed since that time: timber has grown, and fires have changed the landscape, making some approaches more challenging. Some airstrips have been improved, and others’ conditions have declined. The IAF supports this work because Fly Idaho! is an important safety resource for Idaho and out-of-state pilots.
  • Wilderness Within Reach, an annual program, in partnership with Boise Parks & Recreation that introduces disabled and handicapped individuals to a weekend in the backcountry via small aircraft.

The Idaho Aviation Foundation is governed by a 9 member Board of Directors, which are unpaid, and supported by a professional Secretary/ Treasurer. Information on the board members, the articles of Incorporation and the ByLaws can be reviewed by visiting the IAF Website.