Yurt for web outsideThe Idaho Aviation Foundation recently accepted a generous gift from Kif and Dawn Brown of Idaho.  The Browns donated a parcel of land and a beautiful yurt with wood-fired hot tub and sauna located a little over one mile from the Big Creek lodge site.  The yurt will be used to augment the lodge rooms after the lodge is erected, and may be available for rent in the summer of 2015.  It would appeal to people who would like to have a large, comfortable shelter with cooking amenities, while enjoying a little more rustic experience than the lodge would provide.  Please read the article in memory of Kif Brown and why this yurt was important to him and his wife, Dawn.  Remembering Kif Brown 

The beautifully constructed yurt has a wooden floor, four bunk beds, and a can comfortably sleep eight.  It is equipinterior yurt bunks long view webped with a propane refrigerator, propane stove, cooking utensils, and Fisher Mama Bear Woodstove for those chilly nights.  Visitors will also be able to enjoy a wood heated hot tub and sauna.  Guests can take in all the Big Creek area offers - fishing, epic hiking, or just enjoying the views and wildlife, and then cook their meals and enjoy a dip in the hot tub.

The Idaho  backcountry cannot be owned but Kif and Dawn's gift and stewardship will provide a way for visitors to enjoy the backcountry in the future.  Kif's wife, Dawn, explains the importance of the yurt this way: "Kif fell in love with the Idaho backcountry from the very first and we decided to make it a big part of our lives.  He was so happy to be able to share our little piece of it with fellow backcountry enthusiasts for generations to come."

"We are humbled that Kif and Dawn thought of the IAF and the Big Creek Lodge project for this donation," said IAF Vice President Colleen Back.  "per their wishes, we intend to have the yurt available for reasonainterior yurt stove webble rental to guests in the summer and will do what we can to accommodate prepared and experienced winter visitors as well."  She went on to note that winter operations are not going to be offered at the lodge, but winter guests may be permitted to use the yurt with certain requirements.  IAF will provide details for those wishing to rent the yurt later this spring.  "We may have uses for the yurt for IAF needs in the short term as we move closer to a ground breaking for the lodge project, but it is entirely possible we will be able to rent the yurt during the summer of 2015," she went on to say.

If you would like further information about the yurt rental when it becomes available, please email IAF at